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Meet Doctor Erwin Gemmer - Gemmer Wellness

Dr. Erwin Gemmer is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa and has been in practice over 45 years!

He has attended and/or presented over 1,800 seminars and has attended to over 600,000 patient visits. He is very "results" oriented, but only when the results can be achieved through natural means and by correcting the causes of peoples' problems.

Dr. Gemmer is an expert practitioner of the Neurological Integrative System (N.I.S.) and has spent considerable time working directly with the genius developer of N.I.S. (Dr. Allan Phillips of New Zealand).

During these past 45 years, Dr. Gemmer's life has been a bit busy as he is the proud father of ten healthy kids and has created a multitude of recordings, special reports and even authored a couple books, all of them on how to be naturally healthy.

Dr. Gemmer's Story:

People have always asked me how I happened to get into natural healing. But more recently, people have really been curious why, when most others my age were retiring, I instead spend years more learning some of the most advanced natural healing methods on earth. Perhaps this will explain . . .

When I was five years old, I was hit by a car, and as a result, my health was stunted for many years. I suffered from leg aches, heartburn, neck spasms, side aches, insomnia and poor classroom attention.

In addition, my mom became sick with a list of seemingly unrelated problems, and no one was helping her. Heart palpitations. Weird stomach pains. Dizziness. Leg cramps. Excruciating headaches. Insomnia. Nervousness. And fatigue so severe that she had spent all her days, for almost two years, laying in a recliner chair. There were lots of prescriptions. But no results.

Without warning, things got even worse. One evening, after a "hard day" in the recliner, our mom was sitting (as she usually did) at the kitchen table before heading for bed. Suddenly she collapsed into a heap on the floor.

I thought she had died. She was out cold.

We got her loaded into the Ford and rushed her to the hospital. She "came to" after a bit, but the doctors suspected something serious and kept her there for several days with all sorts of top northwest specialists running tests.

They finally concluded that she had had a "nervous breakdown" and should go to a mental hospital. Miraculously, a far safer and better option appeared before she took this wrong turn.

It just happened that my older sister had just started working in Mt. Vernon (about 30 miles from our home) for a new and different type of doctor with a totally different approach. He worked exclusively with the cause of problems instead of treating the symptoms of problems.

The 30 miles felt like a long distance from our home and my mom was doubtful, especially after being checked by the biggest and best medicine had to offer. But she went.

Dr. King explained that there was ONE system that ran all the other systems in the body and that her various problems were related. In fact, after examining her, he stated that all her problems were caused by the same thing: Short circuits between her brain and her body.

We quickly found out that what he said was correct. After her first visit, her headaches, heart palpitations, leg cramps and dizziness were gone, really gone, as in never to return in the next 50 years! She never fainted again. Her energy returned. She caught up on things around the house. She got a full time job. With the extra money, she took flight lessons and got her pilot license (who ever would have guessed she wanted to fly an airplane?). She could even run! She got off all drugs. Her life was a total turnaround.

I also received amazing help from Dr. King and decided that instead of considering being being a physician, I would become a chiropractor and natural healer.

My mom is now in her 90s and is still off all drugs. She was the catalyst that put me on the road to learning everything I could about natural healing. There is such a tremendous need among so many people. They need help with their seemingly impossible cases.

When others my age are retiring, this is what keeps me learning at a faster-than-ever rate. Watching health return to people who had given up hope, that's my greatest reward and strongest motivation.

What Our Patients Say

I am so blessed to have DR. Gemmer in my corner. He is a true Gem of a Doctor . He has this amazing energy about him as well as this strong desire for knowledge which makes him an amazing Doctor in his field. He goes for the cause and not just a bandage for your symptoms. He has helped with so many issues that would have continued unresolved with cover up medications. I am truly Blessed to have found him.

Brenda R.

Dr. Gemmer has helped me regain my mental and physical health. I?m so glad I found an alternative way to help me and my family. We always feel comfortable and know he will help us every time we come in because he is very knowledgeable in the work he does.

Ann Marie R.

Dr. Gemmer has seen most of my family and we couldn't be happier. Dr. Gemmer is kind, compassionate, trustworthy, and very intelligent. I've been dealing with health issues for months and even years, and after one visit I already started to feel and see relief. His technique is unique, but very effective. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Gemmer!

Kaylie D.