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Category: Fatigue

#7 Cause of Dementia: Lung Damage and Carbon Monoxide

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on July 8, 2019

The SEVENTH cause of Dementia in our series is SMOKING and VAPING.  When we think of damage caused by smoking and vaping, we usually think lungs, bronchial tubes and throat.  Truly, both smoking and vaping seriously harm the respiratory system.  But... Read More

The 11 Reasons You're So Tired All The Time!

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on January 29, 2019

“I just don't have any energy. Is there something I should take? I just feel shot!” Fatigue is VERY common. The fuel we burn comes from the food we eat. As humans, we are designed to get most of the calories we... Read More

Why You Need to Super Charge Your Digestion

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on January 23, 2019

Now we're going to discuss another way that natural food improves your health. Also, we'll look at how foods should be eaten, something that is sadly unknown to most people today. The first concept I'd like to give you is this: Raw... Read More

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