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Category: Health

Digestive Troubles

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on January 29, 2019

HEARTBURN! GAS! CONSTIPATION & DIARRHEA! ACID REFLUX! DIFFICULTY SWALLOWING! SICK AFTER EATING! LEAKYGUT! Digestive troubles come in many forms. In America, we have become very accustomed to treating each symptom, usually with some sort of drug. If one has the scoots (things... Read More

Health Doesn't Need to Be Complicated

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on January 23, 2019

If your health is in trouble, I'm going to get you some information that will change your life. I'm sure you've noticed: Getting and staying healthy has become a super confusing topic. But there's no mystery why it is confusing. The pharmaceutical... Read More

Alkalize For Health

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on January 23, 2019

An extremely important piece of health information is this: You MUST eat the correct balance between foods that alkalize you, about 80% of these, and those that acidify, the other about 20%. We're going to show you how to do this,... Read More

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