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#9 Dementia Cause: Lead/Flouride Poisoning

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on July 28, 2019

Dementia Cause #9:  Lead / Fluoride Poisoning

Perhaps you're noticing a theme, that dead brain cells aren't good for brain function.

So here is something else that kills brain cells:  Lead / Fluoride poisoning. 

Until the mid 1990s, leaded gasoline was the most serious and widespread source of lead poisoning in modern countries.  But as it was phased out and then finally banned, another source of lead toxicity raced past leaded gas to move into first place:  Lead / Fluoride poisoning. 

Here is how this came about.

Plumbing with lead or lead-containing pipes delivers water to millions of homes, schools and businesses, and has for generations.  In general, this is a very bad idea. 

However, over time, metallic (lead) water pipes develop a lining, a “crust” of minerals which coats their walls.  Along with other minerals such as calcium, lead and iron become locked into this crust.  Once this crust forms, water can flow through these pipes for decades and still reach the water tap below the 15 parts per billion lead count level which the EPA feels is pretty safe.

Unfortunately, another factor entered the picture:  Water fluoridation.

While it may or may not be true that sodium fluoride reduces tooth decay (a topic for another discussion), it is very unlikely the fluorosilicic acid added to municipal water does anything to help teeth.  But again, that is not the topic today. 

Fluorosilicic acid is the extremely toxic byproduct of fertilizer production and very difficult and expensive to dispose of.  A solution?  Make Americans (and those in 24 of the other 194 countries) drink it.  If this stuff gets out into the air, it's a toxic pollutant; if it gets into the river, it's a toxic pollutant; if it gets into the lake it's a toxic pollutant; but if it goes right into your drinking water system, it's supposedly good for you. 

But there's much more to the fluoride poisoning of the water.  You see, fluoride is acidic and as such it dissolves the lead-containing “crust” lining the inside of water pipes.  Where leaded pipes and fluoride are present, this can increase lead in the water (and into you) 200 fold or more!!

On top of all else, fluoride creates a situation in the body where it it far easier for this lead to then get into the blood vessels surrounding the intestines and easier for it next to get into the brain!

I've said it before but I'll say it again:  We cannot keep poisoning our brains and nerves systems and expect to think or remember.

More soon!!


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