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Correcting the Cause, Not the Symptom

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on January 30, 2019

The practice of covering up symptoms has always struck me as odd. It has never mattered to me whether the symptoms were covered by drugs or some other more natural method.

All symptoms are warning signs.

Their purpose is much like that of a smoke detector or the engine warning light in your car.

Imagine there is a fire in a building. The “experts” say to unplug the smoke detector and plug your nose, stay at your desk and keep working. Or suppose the engine light came on in a person's car and you watched him get out some tape and put it over the light without having the engine checked.

Here's the point of all this:


Headaches? Yep, caused by something (and that cause is not a lack of pain killers!). Colitis? Asthma? Bladder infection? Cancer? Back pain? Dizziness? Numbness? Insomnia? ALL have causes.

My question is very basic: WHY is the focus not on finding and

correcting the causes of health problems???

Well, finding and correcting the causes of peoples' problems is my focus. In fact, it is the one and only thing I do in practice.

How did I get this viewpoint and this attitude? Let me tell you a bit of a story.

In the early 1960's, my mom had been sick with a list of seemingly unrelated problems, and no one was helping her. Heart palpitations. Weird stomach pains. Dizziness. Leg cramps. Excruciating headaches. Insomnia. Nervousness. And fatigue so severe that she had spent all her days, for almost two years, laying in a recliner chair.

By late 1961, almost a third of what my dad earned at Scott Paper in Everett went to doctors. There were lots of prescriptions. But no results.

Without warning, things got even worse. One evening, after a “hard day” in the recliner, mom was sitting (as she usually did) at the kitchen table before heading for bed. Suddenly she collapsed into a heap on the floor.

I thought she had died. The younger kids were crying. She was out cold.

We got her loaded into the Ford and rushed her to the hospital. She ‘came to' after a bit, but the doctors suspected something serious and kept her there for several days with all sorts of top northwest specialists running tests.

They finally concluded that she had had a “nervous breakdown” and should go to a mental hospital. Miraculously, a far safer and better option appeared within days.

It so happened that my older sister had just started working in Mt. Vernon (about 30 miles from our home) for a new and different type of doctor with a totally different approach. He worked exclusively with the cause of problems instead of treating the symptoms of problems.

His office was a distance from our home and my mom was doubtful, especially after being checked by the biggest and best medicine had to offer. But she went. This doctor, Dr. King, explained that there was ONE system that ran all the other systems in the body and that her various problems were related. In fact, after examining her, he stated that they were all caused by the same thing: Short circuits between her brain and her body.

In theory, it made sense. But would there be any real results?

We quickly found out. After her first visit, her headaches, heart palpitations, leg cramps and dizziness were gone, really gone, as in never to return in the next 50 years! She never fainted again. Her energy returned. She caught up on things around the house. She got afull time job. With the extra money, she took flight lessons and got her pilot license. She could even run! She got off all the prescribed and over-the-counter drugs. Her life was a total turnaround.

Are prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs to blame?

I also received amazing help from Dr. King (let's save that story for another day) and decided that instead of being an ordinary physician, I would become a doctor that corrected causes. Dr. King was a chiropractor so I decided that chiropractic college would be a great place to start my education.

My mom is now in her 90's and is still off all drugs. And I have now been in practice for well over 40 years.

It's really been an interesting life for me. For many years, every time my dad and I got together, he would ask me what fascinating “cures” I had made recently. So I have a confession for you, and it's the same thing I always told him: I have never cured anyone of anything. What I do instead is release the amazing power that travels from an individual's brain to that individual's body so that it can control and coordinate all functions, healing and regeneration.

But by doing just this, the “cures” people experience have been nothing short of amazing. Once this interference is removed, various patients have fully recovered (with no other outside help) from ulcerative colitis, asthma, migraines, paranoia and chronic fatigue. Others no longer had heart arrhythmias, acid reflux, growing pains, dizziness, allergies, frequent urination, thyroid disorders, fluid retention and many other conditions.

Is a more natural solution?

Over 5000 people who received my treatment no longer have headaches. Eleven women who for years had been unable to conceive had babies; one of them even had one baby per year for five years in a row after being unable to get pregnant for 12 years! Patients said they now had energy, mental clarity and a whole new sense of wellbeing.

A skeptic might say, “Wait just a minute. You can't cure all these things.” And I say, “A person would have never had these things in the first place unless something was causing them. I just get rid of the causes.”

During these 40 years, my life has been a bit busy. Ten kids! Over 500,000 patient visits so far (and counting!). More than 1800 seminars attended and/or presented. And in my free time, I have created various recordings, special reports and a couple books, all of them on how to be naturally healthy, and put them into the hands of well over a million people.

But in 2014, something NEW entered my life, and that's what I am really excited about now. Let me explain . . .

After learning from hundreds of seminars, training with the very best and carefully applying what I learned with many thousands of people, I thought I was pretty good. But in 2014, I learned of a new system for correcting the causes of people's problems, one that's probably 10 times as advanced as anything I had ever encountered before.

[Quick side story on this new system: My brother in law is a well driller, which is a very “physical” job. He had a heart attack five years ago. The cardiologist put in a stent and said he would be good as new in three or four months. Unfortunately, he didn't recover. He had no energy, and after two years, he had not returned to work. My sister heard about this new system (Neurolink / Neuro Integrative System in case you want to check it out) and took my brother in law to a practitioner.

They had never seen anything like it, and spent an hour and a half with the doctor. The way it worked fascinated them, but the big surprise came the next morning. Our well driller got up, felt great, went to work and put in a 16 hour day! He called me that evening and told me to drop

He clearly was dead serious, so I took his advice. I started taking courses in this amazing system and boy, talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. All the sudden, I was learning hundreds of things related to brain anatomy and function, all about hormone production and the interrelationships between various combinations of glands, organs, muscles and neurological components.

I had to relearn the locations and actions of dozens of muscles that I hadn't studied for decades. Then onto joints, tendons, ligaments, organs, nerves, acupuncture points, the lymphatic system, all the parts of the skull, various toxins and allergens. And then put it all together into an amazingly sophisticated system to analyze and correct neurological communication within the body. It's been like a couple years of a Masters program.

After spending considerable time with the developer of N.I.S. (he's in New Zealand) as well as with the most advanced practitioner of this system in the U.S., I can say that I've seen miracles I barely thought possible both while watching them with patients as well as while practicing N.I.S. myself.

So this, along with all that was learned during the 40 years before Neuro Integrative System, that is what you will find, what we will put to work to help you. Every health problem and pain has very exact CAUSES. Each cause must be found and corrected or you will never be fully well. That's what we do.

Here's what you can expect when you come to see us:

  • An extensive consultation regarding your situation. Every doctor like this? Not quite. For example, let's suppose you have a chronic cough that isn't getting handled. There are at least two dozen questions that need to be asked. The answers will then direct our attention in the right direction. The same is true no matter what is bothering you. YOU have valuable information that will help me get to the root of your situation. We just need to ask the right questions.
  • An in-depth evaluation of how well your nerve system is (or isn't) functioning along with evaluations of several other key systems.
  • This first visit generally includes treatment along with the evaluation, and many people already see improvements at this point. (First visit: Allow 50 to 60 minutes.)
  • A battery of custom and unique treatments to improve your neurological transmission and overall function will follow. This is 
 where very significant changes are made and lives really start to improve.
  • A huge bonus of this system is that most people need FEW and INFREQUENT visits. This allows many of our patients to come from various states as well as from Canada.

Dr. Gemmer is one of less than 100 physicians in the United States who have achieved Academy 1 Certification in Neurological Integrative System. This system is thought by many to be one of the most advanced natural healing methods ever developed. It is a different approach.

If you have:
Health problems? Chronic pains? Named disease? Too many things wrong (and you're not getting answers)? You will be pleasantly surprised by the alternate solutions offered by Dr. Gemmer.

Best of all, Dr. Gemmer offers a complementary 20 minute phone consultation. Explain what is wrong. Get your questions answered. Learn how NIS is so different!

Arrange for a free phone consultation now. Call April at (360) 692-1718 to schedule yours. 


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