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Genetically Modified Foods Are NOT Safe

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on February 1, 2019

What are biotoxins?

Corn has genes spliced into it so that it makes biotoxin for the purpose of killing anything that tries to eat it in the field.  The problems is, it is still there poisoning things that eat it later on down the road (like people).  When corn (or anything made of corn or anything that has eaten the corn) is eaten, our normal intestinal flora are killed or mutate into different organisms. This wipes out a major part of our immunity.

The Roundup-ready wheat is engineered so that this grain can tolerate massive quantities of Roundup.  It would be bad if this poison simply got into that crop of wheat and poisoned everyone that ate it.  However, only a small percentage of the Roundup goes to that crop.  The vast majority of it goes into the soil.  And it is sprayed on this poor field three or four or maybe even five times per crop, which translates in some sunny areas to as many as 15 poisonings per year. Year after year, it gets into the grain and into the soil, making the situation progressively worse. Roundup is very poisonous and an obvious carcinogen (almost identical to agent orange).

How Soil is Getting Poisioned

Once this poison is in the soil, it gets into everything else planted in that soil for decades (or centuries).  So think of the alfalfa planted there that will soon be eaten by cattle.  These cows will concentrate the poisons 100 fold!   

They say Glyphosate (Roundup's main ingredient) biodegrades, which it does.  But unfortunately, what it biodegrades into is as bad or worse!

GMO Sugar

Think of sugar beets, which soak up the poisons like crazy.  White sugar from any source has been a huge source of diseases (think heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's) for at least 50 years.  Then about 25 years ago, high fructose corn syrup became the worst disease-causing sugar product.  But now both sugar and high fructose corn syrup are additionally laced with toxic loads of Glyphosate.  We are being poisoned through the consumption of these sweeteners at an alarming rate.

To cause still more trouble with farmers and food production, Monsanto pulled another huge stunt:  They inserted a terminator gene into the grains (along with the rest of the GMO genes) so that the seeds are only good for one crop.  The farmer cannot hold some seed back to be planted the next year because they won't grow.  Instead, the farmer must re-buy seeds every year from Monsanto.

To further complicate the issues, after a few years not even Monsanto's screwed up seed will grow in the fields that are so full of Roundup.  Now nothing will grow there.  Eventually, weeds will “find a way” and be the only plants that will grow in the poisoned fields.

Nutritionists are now discovering that not so many people have a gluten allergy or celiac disease caused by wheat.  Instead, what they really have is “allergies” to the poisons in and on GMO wheat. 

Or it may be a GMO corn allergy.  Or a GMO sugar beet allergy.

What is missing from Monsanto plants?

Another super key point is that plants that are supposed to be manufacturing 10 essential amino acids as they grow.  But guess what?  The Monsanto plants only make HALF of these essential amino acids that we MUST get from our food.  As a result of this, people are being starved of the building blocks needed to make every single cell in the body.   (This could be compared to an author attempting to write novel using only 13 letters of the alphabet.)

As mentioned earlier, animals that eat poisons concentrate these poisons.  So, pigs, chickens, cows that eat GMO corn or wheat concentrate these poisons about 100 fold into most all the meat in the grocery store.

How can we possibly keep up with the cancer and other diseases caused by this type of “food”?  Yes, people are getting some calories but that's not all that is needed in food.  Because people need to make about 70 billion new cells per day, shortages of the basic building materials jeopardizes every one of these cells, the health of the organs and glands they are part of and the person who ate them.  We are looking at a quick walk off a short plank.

One last thing.

Most farmers that grow grass for hay spray all their grass with Roundup.   And wheat farmers are using Roundup to “dry” their wheat because Roundup also has a desiccant affect.  So even if it wasn't sprayed when the crop was growing, it is sprayed all over the place when the crop is ready to be harvested.

Buyer beware.  Your health and the health of your family are truly at risk.   

The BIG Take Away

At various times, farmers have set out baskets of GMO corn besides baskets of Non GMO corn.  Rats and mice will pick the non GMO basket clean but won't touch the GMO corn . . . .  

Think back to the insecticide DDT, a tiny problem by comparison.  The thought in the 1950s was that “enough could be given to kill little bugs, but since we are big, it wouldn't be enough to kill us.”  

Not true.  It just takes longer to kill us . . .  

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