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Health Doesn't Need to Be Complicated

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on January 23, 2019

If your health is in trouble, I'm going to get you some information that will change your life.

I'm sure you've noticed: Getting and staying healthy has become a super confusing topic. But there's no mystery why it is confusing.

  • The pharmaceutical companies want to keep us confused so they can sell us tens of billions worth of their toxic products every month. This stuff is POISON. You can't watch a TV commercial for a drug without hearing two or three ways it can kill you dead. And price gouging!!! Pills that cost pennies to make are sold for hundreds of times that much.
  • Advertising companies make their money form pushing this stuff.
  • Monsanto is front and center with this confusion: Here we have a giant company that makes both crop SEEDS and POISONS, and they're telling us to put BOTH the seeds and poisons into our soil at the same time! And then for us to EAT what comes out of the ground.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of key people in the AMA, CDC and FDA with huge personal financial interests in drug sales and profits.
  • We have a government that is for sale to the highest bidders. Ever wonder why someone will spend tens of millions getting a job that pays $200,000 per year? The answer is that most senators and congressmen get massive amounts of bribe money from these industries that I've just mentioned.
  • And even your family physician is involved . . . Every seminar he or she attends was hosted by a drug company. And everything these physicians learn about the “latest and greatest” drugs was either from these seminars, from a cute drug rep or from watching TV like everyone else.


It's NOT complicated. It turns out that in ANYTHING, there are a FEW basics that make all the difference

We are putting together a new program that cuts through all this health care confusion and nonsense and puts you in the driver's seat so you can get well.

  • You can learn what you need to know quickly, like in days rather than in years.
  • Our program will be easy to understand and make sense. It's in plain language.
  • It'll be very doable, broken down into step one, step two, step three . . • And best . . . we will stay with you through the whole process.Let us know your level of interest!

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