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How to Become a “FAT BURNING” Machine

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on January 23, 2019

I am going to show you something that can change your life.

Burn Fat with a Ketogenic Diet

You may have heard of the “Ketogenic Diet,” which is a very smart way to cut your weight, increase your energy and focus, and improve various disease processes. It's something that's very good for you. But it's also easy to fail at it . . . unless you know the secret that makes it possible to bypass all the difficult parts. I'm going to show how to do this shortly so hang with me for a minute :))

First, let me bring everyone up to speed. In case you don't know much about it, the Ketogenic Diet works by resetting your body and your hormones so that you're like you would have been if you lived a hundred years ago, able to burn FAT as your primary fuel rather than sugar.

People a couple hundred years ago consumed about four pounds of sugar per year. Now, compare that with today, where many people consume upwards of 200 pounds per year.

What on earth is going on when just ONE blended coffee drink from a very well known coffee company contains a sixth of a pound of sugar? In one drink!

Yeah, we consume a lot of sugar. So the Ketogenic Diet is the opposite: You stop eating and drinking sugar. You stop the starchy carbs. You essentially starve your body of sugar and other carbs. This, in turn, forces the fat you are wearing and fat you are eating to be converted into KETONES. And it's the KETONES that are then converted for high-energy-use at your cells.

KETONES are the key.

Remember that word, KETONES. The Ketogenic Diet makes ketones, and it's Ketones that reboot your systems. When you succeed with the Ketogenic Diet, the ketones work miracles.

Why most people are not successful with the Ketogenic Diet?

Well simply put, the deck is stacked against us. The problem is that we have all been addicted to sugar and carbs, just like if they were drugs. And when a person tries to kick the sugar and carb habit, he or she quickly runs into several walls.

For instance, how do you find anything to eat in a restaurant? Or how do you get everyone in the family on board so that there aren't a lot of snacks and high sugar products laying around your house tempting you? And even if you're amazingly disciplined and have lots of support, how do you fight the hunger and fatigue and mental fog that most people get when they try to kick the sugar and carb habit?

Hey, we all have to be able to function. So I'll tell you, for most, trying to get off sugar and other carbs is very much like trying to get off heroin.

And to compound the difficulty, to reset your fuel burning systems through the Ketogenic Diet alone, you have to be totally off sugar and carbs and even fruit not for a day or two but for 12 or even 15 or 20 days, which is pretty tough for most people considering they can barely drag themselves out of bed in the morning during all these days.

And that has been the battle.

But . . . here's the breakthrough:

What would happen if you directly consumed high quality, natural KETONES?

Well, THAT'S the breakthrough right there!

By directly consuming Ketones, you can get all the benefits NOW without the two or three weeks of starving yourself.

Instead of feeling shot, you immediately have the high octane Ketone fuel that your body would otherwise have to make from fats. So you have energy. You have better mental clarity. You have less appetite. You don't crave sweets and other carbs. You even feel less soreness around your body.

So by consuming ready-to-go Ketones, what had been difficult before has now become easy. Once you're on these, you can gradually buy foods that are better for you and slowly ease the sugars and other starches out of your diet. And if you then choose additionally to utilize the Ketogenic Diet and increasingly eat good fats, you're much more likely to lose weight than you were before.

And THAT'S the breakthrough . . . consuming high quality, ready to go Ketones!

So look, I'm sure you have a question or two. And I'm personally happy to help, or . . . even if I'm not available, one of my team will get with you promptly. Be sure and send us a note if you need help or clarification.

OK, now let's take a closer look at what our heavy consumption of sugar and other carbs has been doing to us:

So, Americans now consume between 150 and 200 pounds of sugar per year.

But we ALSO eat mountains of starchy foods like pasta, cereals, bread and potatoes, all of which quickly turn into sugar and thereby further worsens the damage.

Why should we be concerned about sugar?

How about Diabetes. The consumption of sugar is closely linked to whether a person gets Type II diabetes or not. And in the United States, with almost one in ten already having diabetes and almost 2 million new cases are being diagnosed per year, that's a big deal!

Or Heart Disease. Sugar is front and center as a cause of heart disease. And this is important because almost one in nine Americans have heart disease and get this: It's at a cost of one BILLION dollars per day.

Also, sugar is one of less than a dozen primary causes of cancer, and let me explain: You see, one of the best ways to tell where is cancer is growing fast is with a PET scan, a scan that works by telling doctors where the most sugar is being burned. In other words, cancer lives by burning sugar, and therefore, reducing sugar is one of the smart natural ways to reduce cancer!

Excessive sugar is also one of the top four or five causes of Alzheimer's. How? Well, it is now known that the brain produces insulin needed for the survival of brain cells. So . . . consuming sugar, high fructose corn syrup and carbs in general fouls up the brain's insulin production and tough this damages brain function.

And obviously, consuming sugar and carbs the way we do nowadays is at the heart of the overweight and obesity epidemic. Get this: 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight, that's HALF THE POPULATION!! That includes nearly three- quarters of American men and more than 60% of women. And even by the age of 20, 30% of us are either obese or overweight.

Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and Obesity. And additionally, all this sugar is tied to arthritis, fatigue, digestive troubles and dozens of chronic degenerative diseases.

So YES sugar and other carbs together are a huge problem and therefore YES you will benefit from burning Ketones for fuel instead of sugars and other starches.

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