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Let's Stop Causing Autism

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on February 9, 2019

With the passing of every year, there is a greater and greater chance that you will have a child, grandchild or neighbor with Autism. But even if no one in your group has Autism, you will soon see that it nevertheless effects you in a big way.

What is Autism?

It is first and foremost neurological damage. In case you are a bit unfamiliar, here's a brief description. You start with a perfectly normal baby. He or she is developing normally, interacting with parents and siblings, is outgoing, smiling and interested. Then, almost overnight, this child goes out of communication and regresses into a mental and emotional prison.

While some Autistics function at a high level, about 25% have IQs of 70 or below. Somewhere around 40% of Autistics will never function independently. Many make loud, incoherent noises. They may thrash about violently, injuring those attempting to care for them.

Autism victims and their families are never the same.

Autism used to be rare. In fact, it was unknown until 1943 when a well known physician observed a neurological condition, never known before, in 11 kids.

Since then, Autism occurrence has skyrocketed, literally increasing from one in a million kids to currently about 1 in 50 children between the age of 3 and 17 in the U.S. There are now approximately 500,000 low-functioning Autistics. The cost to care for each of them has been calculated to be between

$1,000,000 and $2,500,000 over a lifetime. Do the math. That is one TRILLION dollars!

So we just maybe ought to be thinking about what is causing this huge epidemic. And before we pass this off as something that doesn't effect us, think of who is paying for this care through insurance premiums or taxes. It DOES effect us. And it is HUGE!

The Autism Controversy

The big controversy relates to what is causing this staggering epidemic. The officials are trying to say it is genetic, which is about as ridiculous as if they were saying that cancer among chain smokers is genetically caused.

Parents of Autistic kids know better. They say it is vaccinations. Many thousands of parents noted changes in their kids within hours or days after their child received a Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination. And sometimes other shots too.

Observers of statistics also say it is vaccinations. For instance, during the 1990s when the MMR vaccination was aggressively marketed in California, there was at the same time a 600% increase in Autism. As vaccination increased 4 fold in America, Autism increased 40 fold!

The official stance at the CDC, at local health districts throughout the country and at the American Academy of Pediatrics is that there is no relationship between Autism and vaccination. More specifically, there story is that there is no relationship between Autism and Thimersol, a standard preservative found in the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine.

But try to find Autism in children who HAVEN'T been vaccinated! Good luck! I am not aware (through reading reports or checking out websites) of a single unvaccinated child in America with Autism.

Or consider Chicago based Homefirst Medical Services, a group which provides medical care for families who choose to have home births and avoid vaccines. They have treated around 35,000 of these children over the years. Homefirst's medical director, the late Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, said in an interview a few years ago “… I don't think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines.”

Why is NO Autism Found in the Amish Communities?

Let's also consider Amish children. They are mostly unvaccinated. Dr. Frank Noonan is a doctor who treats Amish children in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He has said that he has seen no cases of autism in the thousands of Amish children he has treated over 25 years. “You'll find all the other stuff, but we don't find the autism,” he states.

Dr. Heng Wang is a neurologist and the director of the Clinic for Special Needs Children in Ohio, another area where there is a large Amish population. He has estimated the rate of autism in the Amish community to be 1 in 15,000.

Clearly, Autism is extremely common in fully vaccinated children but extremely rare in unvaccinated children.

And yet, the official story has remained the same, that Autism is not related to vaccination or vaccine ingredients. But it has never made sense because it's so obviously not true. There had to be a huge lie somewhere in the “research”. But until right now, it has been difficult if not impossible to the lie.

But finally the lie has been nailed. We now know EXACTLY what the lie is, how it came about and how it was passed off as truth.

Throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s, more and more parents saw signs of Autism shortly after a MMR vaccination. The first papers mentioning this showed up in the late 1990s.

What is the CDC doing about Autism?

The CDC saw that one of their favorite sacred cows was coming under attack. They didn't want to lose credibility or funding or have to wonder where billions of dollars would come from to compensate vaccination victims.

So they laid out a plan.

First, they lobbied Congress to pass a law that vaccine makers couldn't be sued or held liable for babies they maimed and/or killed with their poisonous concoctions.

Second, they started the process of manufacturing “studies” that showed no relationship between Autism and vaccinations. And they found just the person to head up the bogus studies.

Psychiatrist named Poul Thorsen worked for the CDC. He had no research experience or credentials, and in fact had even lost his license due to some unscrupulous activity. In spite of this, he was employed in so-called vaccine research. But it was NOT to see if there was or wasn't a relationship. No. He was hired to prove that there was no relationship between the MMR vaccine organic mercury (known as Thymersol) and Autism. His marching orders from the CDC were, “Here's the conclusion we want. Make it appear!”

So Thorsen went to Denmark to produce what the CDC demanded.

It happened that Denmark had been keeping better records regarding Autism than the United States. So Thorsen went there to set up shop.

He worked out an evil scheme to cook the books, and a couple years later, the total fraud known as the “Denmark Study” was released and eagerly published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It said there was no relationship between Thimersol, a 50% mercury solution found in MMR vaccinations, and Autism. It went further: Kids with the vaccination, the fraud study said, were LESS likely to have Autism. (Some of you may have seen the movie “Erin Brockovich” and remember the Pacific Gas and Electric saying the cancer-causing hexavalent chromium they dumped into the groundwater was good for people. Same story here.)

So that was the lie. So how did Thorsen and his team come up with this lie and hide it? Amazing stuff! Thorsen may be an evil criminal. But he isn't stupid. It is hard at first to wrap your head around what I'm about to tell you, so don't be surprised if it takes a couple readings to get it. It is very slick deceit!! Here it is:

Thorsen's “study” looked at data between 1970 and 2000.

Now mercury was in Danish vaccinations until 1992, but after 1992, it was removed from their vaccines. So from 1970 through 1995, Autism was on a steady rise. (Note: Even though mercury was taken out of Danish vaccines in 1992, the damaged kids were already in the pipeline, with many diagnosed through 1995.)

Now here is where the plot gets truly sinister. Until 1995, only

Autism diagnosed in hospitals was counted officially by the Danish registry, and there were “x” number of Autism cases diagnosed. However, starting in 1995, when the affects of the Thimersol laced shots were trailing off some, the Danish government made a big change and started counting all Outpatient Clinics visits in its Registry's statistics, a 14 fold increase in child doctor visits!

So while the effects of the Thimersol in the child population were winding down some by the end of 1995, 14 times as many kids started being counted! This (deceptively) showed as a slight increase in total Autism cases counted by the Registry.

Thorsen purposely omitted the fact that the percentage of children with Autism had suddenly and dramatically dropped. He perpetrated a huge crime. And the CDC paid him for it!

Here's a comparable example: Suppose you did a study on “Divorce Rates in North America” and for the first few years

counted only divorces in Mexico and Canada. Then, without disclosing you had done so, added United States divorces to those of Mexico and Canada and, based on this, said that divorce rates were up.

That's precisely what was done.

Now, let me bring you up to date. A couple years ago, Thorsen was indicted by a federal grand jury in Atlanta on charges of wire fraud, money laundering and defrauding research institutions of millions of dollars of grant money. He was and is a criminal, a complete fraud.

But . . . his bogus lie of a study had been cited at least 91 times in other papers, thus compounding the lie many times. Thorsen's “study” is the foundation of the lie still being told every day of the year in every county in the United States.

By the way, you might also like to know that of the 7 authors of the study (Thorsen and six accomplices), three received direct funding from the CDC on “vaccine-safety” related projects. Two of the remaining four worked for a Danish vaccine manufacturer. These authors went far beyond simply lacking objectivity. They were financially motivate to outright lie.

Regarding the CDC's involvement in this fraud, their own research showed a direct correlation between Thimersol and Autism back in 2004 at a time when a Dr. William Thompson and three others were doing a study. However, the then Director of the Immunization Safety Chief Frank Destefano ordered them to dump these finding in the garbage and to say that Thimersol did not cause Autism. After ten years of living with this lie, Dr. Thompson finally came forth with the truth in 2014, telling exactly what had transpired (please Google his confession and see it for yourself).

Well, that's the story. It's utterly unbelievable the trouble one of our main government agencies will go through to keep maiming and killing hundreds of thousands of our babies and children.

I'm going to leave you with three last thoughts:

First, Thimersol is 50% Organic Mercury. There is no known safe level of exposure. Organic mercury is the most dangerous form of mercury to human health. If a workplace was causing a grown man to take in the amount of organic mercury found in just one of these vaccinations, that workplace would be shut down by the EPA.

Second, I challenge you to Google this phrase: “mercury poisoning and Autism symptoms.” You will find a list of over 80 symptoms of mercury toxicity, and right beside these is an almost identical list, the symptoms of Autism. AUTISM IS MERCURY TOXICITY. Again, that search is “mercury poisoning and Autism symptoms.” Please see it for yourself.

Third, I just got official word today that in New Jersey, ONE in 23 boys how have Autism. My God, how far does this have to go before someone pulls the plug here in America?

In September of 2014, an Italian court awarded compensation to a boy with vaccine-induced autism. A Milan judge was thoroughly convinced that a childhood vaccine caused the boy's permanent autism and brain damage. The vaccine contained thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative we've discussed above, aluminum, and other toxic ingredients. The child regressed into autism shortly after receiving three doses.

While this incident received considerable attention in the Italian press, the U.S. press remained silent about it.

In the Italian court, a confidential GlaxoSmithKline (the vaccine maker) report provided ample evidence of hundreds of adverse events from the vaccine, including dozens of deaths and cases of autism which occurred right during its clinical trials! This

1271 page report can be seen online. The admission of Autism from the vaccine is on page 626.

The lie that vaccinations don't cause Autism is damaging and retarding thousands and thousands of kids. It has already rung up a trillion dollar in future costs. It's an immense crime. It is time that this evil is stopped.

I hope you pass the message on. Thank you.


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