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Taking a Holistic Approach to Back Pain Treatment in Bremerton

Written By Gemmer Wellness on April 30, 2020

Back Pain TreatmentAre you dealing with a degenerative condition such as arthritis? Or maybe, you've just bent the wrong way when doing some heavy lifting. Whatever the cause, you're probably suffering from nagging back pains. In such cases, natural back pain treatment should always be your first course of action.

And you're not alone – about one in every four Americans suffers from low back pains. What's more, everybody is bound to experience it at least once in their lifetime. 

Top Causes of Back Pain

There are so many things that can cause your back pain. However, the most common causes include:


Sitting in one position for long hours can take a toll on your body posture. Many people who don't assume a natural position while sitting may eventually suffer from chronic back pains.


Whiplash injuries occur when neck muscles develop tiny tears due to sudden movements.

Herniated Disc

When a vertebral disc pushes out of position, it may compress adjacent nerves causing discomfort or even severe back pains.


Stress can cause muscle tension, which can lead to headaches, neck pain, back pain, and leg pain.

What's Involved in Our Back Pain Treatment in Bremerton?

The brain governs the optimal function of all body systems through the neurological circuitry. This means it's continually receiving and sending information from every part of the body through the nerves. However, due to factors such as poor posture, muscle tension, and injuries, the neurological circuitry may be disrupted. This affects the normal functioning of the body, resulting in stress, discomfort, and back pain.

Dr. Gemmer of Gemmer Wellness uses a Neurological Integrative System (NIS) approach to evaluate your neurological flow and reset the nervous system's control of the body. With a smooth flow of the neurological circuitry, the body can efficiently repair injured joints and muscles, fight infections, improve digestion, balance hormones, and ultimately relieve pain (including back pains).

Get Natural Back Pain Treatment in Bremerton

The Neurological Integrative System (NIS) is considered to be one of the most advanced natural healing techniques in the world. And Dr. Gemmer is one of the few physicians in America with an Academy 1 Certification in NIS.

Don't let the nagging back pain put you down. Contact us at 360-692-1718 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gemmer to find quick back pain relief.

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