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The 11 Reasons You're So Tired All The Time!

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on January 29, 2019

“I just don't have any energy. Is there something I should take? I just feel shot!”

Fatigue is VERY common.

Common Causes of Fatigue

You May Be Eating Sugary, Empty Foods

The fuel we burn comes from the food we eat. As humans, we are designed to get most of the calories we burn from healthy fats. Unfortunately, American food is loaded with sugar as well as carbs that quickly convert to sugars.

After just a few months of eating foods heavy in sugars and starches, we begin to lose our abilities to burn fats for fuel. When this occurs, fats are less likely to get burned and more likely to get stored.

So we instead burn sugars. Unfortunately, sugar might give us a quick spike of energy but then it drops us flat. And when the last blast of sugar is used up, we will rip the doors off the cupboard to get another sweet snack!

The average American eats and drinks about 170 pounds of sugar per year above and beyond what we are designed to consume. This is terribly harmful to both health and our energy.

What to do: Learn how to break the “addicted to sugar and carbs” cycle. Stay away from “Energy” drinks: They ruin your energy. It isn't easy but it definitely is worth the trouble!

Your Hormones May Be All Out of Balance

When we hear “hormone imbalances,” we are likely to think of things like too much or too little estrogen. And this is certainly one of many ways that hormones can get out of balance.

But lets take a deeper look. Hormones control hundreds of activities in each of us every minute of our lives. To have normal energy, you need adrenalin from your adrenals, insulin from your pancreas, thyroxin from your thyroid as well as proper hormone production from your hypothalamus, sex glands and pituitary glands.

A malfunction of ANY of these glands can shoot your energy dead. (I love helping people with these malfunctions because the results are so amazing!)

What To Do: Get the function of these glands checked.

Note that I didn't say to buy and consume hormones; your body should be able to make its own if it is working correctly. So make every effort to get your glands producing and regulated naturally.

You May Be Sitting Around Too Much

We need exercise most all days of our lives. What happens if we don't? Well obviously our muscles shrivel away and lose strength (and we lose energy from that).

But on top of the loss of muscle mass and tone, our blood and lymph don't flow as they should.

As you know, your blood carries nutrients and oxygen to your tissues every second of the day while hauling away waste products. When you don't move enough, these flows become stagnant. Your tissues aren't fed or cleansed as they should. You get tired!

What To Do: Make sure you MOVE some every day.

Go to a gym if possible and do a variety of exercises. Go for a walk or a run. And try to never sit for more than one hour without getting up and moving around.

You May Be Full Of Poisons

None of us make it through a single day without encountering thousands of chemicals and poisons that didn't exist anywhere in the known universe when our grandparents were young. These toxins damage cells and organs, weaken muscles, harm our immune systems and ruin our energy.

I remember opening up a can of cola when I was in college and being told that it was “a flavorful combination of artificial chemical flavors and colors with hazardous levels of sugar”. I haven't had much since!

What To Do: Learn how to avoid the most common sources of poisons in our food, beverages, medical treatments and environment.

Toxins cause cancer. Toxins cause Alzheimers. Toxins cause autism, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and more. I will happily coach you on what to avoid and how to get your body fed and your ailments treated without being poisoned.

You May Have Blockages In Your Nervous System

Your brain is the initial point of life and energy in your body. It has been well documented for 120 years that vertebrae in the spine can get knocked or stressed out of place and short-circuit this source of life energy. More recently, it has been discovered that we also all have many “circuits” that can become disrupted and malfunction. In fact, there are circuit breakers for these circuits similar in some ways to the switch panel out in your garage. In many people, these are badly in need of being switched back on.

What To Do: The primary focus of my practice is to locate and correct any short circuits in the nerve system, from the brain on down.

You won't know if you do or don't have trouble with this vital system until it is checked. We'd love to check yours soon.

You Might Not Be Getting Enough Restful Sleep

When we get into bed, the parasympathetic division of our automatic nervous system should send out messages for us to shut down and rejuvenate. Some people do neither. They are proverbially “burning the candle at both ends” because they don't rest and don't heal.

Also, you may not be getting enough hours of sleep. Did you know that lack of sleep contributes to weight gain, poor energy, poor concentration and many other undesirable things?

What To Do: Your autonomic nerve system can be checked and reset.

We do it every day on most every patient! And allow enough time for a good night's sleep.

You Might Be Watching The News Or Other Trash TV

When did the newsman last bring any good news? All this trash is designed to suck you in and drain the life and energy right out of you. Unless it is directly related to you and you can do something about it, turn it off! Same with trash TV. How on earth is watching Jerry Springer going to make you have more energy toward life?

What To Do: Find positive, uplifting things to watch and read.

You won't have enough time in your whole life to enjoy all the good stuff. So why are you allowing any of the bad into your home or head?

You Might Not Be Eating The Foods Your Body Needs To Rebuild Itself

About 70,000,000,000 new cells need to be formed each day to replace those that have gotten old. These new cells will either be made out of things like diet cola and potato chips OR they will be made from real, genuine food. Which do you want? Advertisers are paid to convince you of things, many of which aren't true. Companies that sell processed and fast food are trying to make money no matter how many die from there merchandise.

What To Do: In today's world where appetites are driven by slick ads, it is difficult to tell what is good for you and what isn't.

When a sugary boxed cereal is touted as being “part of a nutritious breakfast,” the obvious question is, “What part?” Get with someone who will coach you through this mine field of deception. Eating good food is easier than you think and it is certainly worth the effort.

You Might Have Toxic People In Your Life

Let's face it. Some people brighten up a room when they walk in. Others brighten the room by leaving! You will in many ways be the average of the five people you are around the most. So take a look. Are your closest associates full of life, positivity and energy. If not, you need some new friends!

What To Do: Take inventory. Write a list of the twenty people you are around the most.

Think of how you feel when you are around each of them. Do you feel drained when you walk away? If so, keep walking!! Make sure the bulk of your time spent with others is enjoyed with positive, high-energy people.

You May Have Too Many Incomplete Projects

It is said that pieces of our attention gets stuck on every thing that we have ever started but not completed. Hmmm . . .

Take a look around. Do you have incomplete cycles of action all around you? What you want instead is to Start, Continue and then Complete each one.

What To Do: Get out a paper. Write a list of every conceivable thing that needs attention or completion.

Did you leave off the door trim during your remodel? Is there a dent in your car that you “keep meaning to get fixed?” Is there someone you owe an apology? Do you have a pile of unpaid bills or unread emails? Make a list. Put down EVERYTHING! Then, it is up to you. Do it now. Or delegate the task. Or decide not to do it. But get every incomplete cycle of action OFF your list. You will feel your energy rebound some with every item you wrap up!

You May Not Have Anything You Are Looking Forward To

Energy comes from looking forward to things that excite you. It might be a trip to Europe, being out of debt, seeing your child graduate from college, driving a new sports car, a date with someone new or winning an award or completing a novel. We move forward toward goals. Not wishes, GOALS. Each of us has different things that excite us. Find yours!

What To Do: Write yourself a list of things that you could really look forward to, things you could be, do or have.

If it is a trip, buy the tickets or start a savings account for it. If it is a new person in your life, decide who you would like this person to be and get started finding him or her. If it is a new car, get a photo of the very model and tape it to your bathroom mirror. As a bare minimum, you need a couple longer term goals, six or eight goals you can get to in a few months and a dozen at least you can go after right now. Watch your energy surge!

Get started today! Don't put up with those feelings of being half dead, of dragging yourself through the day.

You can eat right, sleep better, weigh an amount that is more ideal and ingest far fewer poisons.

You can get your nervous system and hormone production fine tuned (call my office).

You can hang out with positive people who bring out the best in you through their example and encouragement.

Stop putting up with low energy. Today!

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