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The Big Problem With Measles Vaccinations

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on July 29, 2019

The measles vaccination was not the reason deaths from measles dropped to near zero.  In fact, between 1915 and 1958, the death rate from measles declined on its own by 98%, before the measles vaccine was ever introduced.

Even years after it was introduced, the measles vaccination still wasn't particularly effective.  For instance, in 1984, 58% of all US school-aged children who got the measles were adequately vaccinated.  In 1988, it was 69% that were adequately vaccinated.  By 1989, 89% of all US school-aged children who got the measles were adequately vaccinated.  In 1995, 56% of all measles cases in the US (all ages) were in people who had been vaccinated for measles.   

The measles vaccination did, however, change the age at which people got the measles.  Before 1960, it was rare for anyone younger than one or older than ten to get the measles.  Almost everyone who got the measles was between four and nine years of age, an age group that was unlikely to experience problems. 

But childhood vaccinations changed all that.  With widespread vaccination in use, some people either started to not get the measles at all or they got them about ten years later than they would have without the vaccinations.  The results of this have been harsh.  By 1990, 70% of all measles cases were occurring in kids 10 to 15 years old, an age group that is far more likely to experience severe complications. 

But the worst problems came from the females who had not contracted the measles when they were young.  Because they never developed natural immunity to pass on to their babies, over one-fourth of today's measles cases now occur in an exceedingly dangerous age group that rarely or ever used to get the measles:  Infants less than a year old.  We can exclusively thank the measles vaccinations added hazard.

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