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The Disaster Of Antibiotic Overuse 

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on March 21, 2019

Penicillin was a wonder drug.  But soon, doctors were prescribing it for every bacterial condition, even those that would have run their course in a few days on their own.  They also prescribed it for viral conditions (the common cold being the most common). And (get this) they prescribed it to “prevent” bacterial infections that just might appear.

At first, 99.9% of the offending bacteria were killed.  But within a few years, the remaining 1/10th of 1% that weren't killed did a LOT of reproducing, and before long penicillin couldn't touch the new immune varieties. 

All sorts of new and more powerful antibiotics soon became available.  Unfortunately, they were also overused.  The over-prescribed antibiotics have now produced many SUPER GERMS so tough that no antibiotics can touch them. 

The time may come when workers need to go through hospitals periodically with flamethrower to purge the place of the totally-resistant bacteria.

Thanks to this 50-year blooper, we are now (for all practical purposes) going back to the pre-antibiotic era.  The only difference is that now we're fighting monsters instead of midgets.  **Smart note:  Quickly build your natural immunity to the highest level possible.  We are all going to need it!

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