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Vaccination Facts

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on April 30, 2019

When a blanket statement is made that vaccines are safe, is it taking into account the 4 billion dollars already paid out for vaccine injuries by the vaccine injury compensation act fund?

So without intent to hurt anyone's feelings, here are a few raw facts: 

  • Every vaccine contains neurotoxins. 
  • Every vaccine contains multiple ingredients known to cause autoimmune issues and allergies.
  • Most vaccines contain formaldehyde (embalming fluid and a cause of cancer) and acetone (fingernail polish remover).
  • Cancer is the number two cause of death all ages five through fifteen.  This wasn't the case in the past. 
  • We were FAR healthier 60 years ago when we received three or four vaccinations.
  • There are currently about 75 vaccinations on the CDC mandated schedule, about 28 different vaccinations (several injected two or more times).  There are 250 more vaccines in development!! 
  • No true placebo comparison test has ever been done on any vaccine.
  • Multiple shots are often given to babies the same day, but no two shots have ever been tested together for safety.
  • Vaccine safety trials last for just days, not months or years. 
  • Vaccines tested on a certain age group (four to five year olds, for example) are then used on babies two, four, six and twelve months old. 
  • EPA guidelines for mercury and aluminum exposure are not imposed in vaccines. A baby can get a weight-adjusted dose of mercury or aluminum in one day that is 200 times what the EPA allows.
  • The American kids who are not getting all the vaccinations on the mandated schedule are costing the vaccine industry about $20,000,000,000 per year.    
  • The ONLY substances designed to go into a baby during the first few months of life are air and breast milk. 
  • Vaccinations did NOT stop the diseases they were given credit for stopping.  Examples from the United States CDC records follow:
  • There were 48839 diphtheria deaths in 1901.  This figure was down to 125 in 1950, the year before the diphtheria vaccine became available.
  • Deaths from pertussis fell from 33,094 in 1901 to 558 on the year before this vaccine came out. 
  • Tetanus deaths fell from 28,065 in 1901 to 1093 in 1950, again before the vaccination arrived. 
  • Measles deaths in the US dropped from 11,956 in 1901 to less than 50 in the early 1970s when the vaccination came into widespread use.
  • Same is true of bubonic plague, smallpox, typhoid, anthrax and a host of others.  They went away mostly on their own without vaccination
  • Vaccination is NOT immunization.  These are two different things.  The proof is that there are fully vaccinated individuals in all outbreaks. 
  • Most all cases of measles, mumps, pertussis and several others occur in vaccinated individuals.  For example, in the U.K. there were 200,000 cases of pertussis (whooping cough) between 1970 and 1990 in fully vaccinated individuals.
  • Dr. Jonas Salk, the creator of the IV polio vaccine testified that the vaccine itself was responsible for most all cases of the polio since 1961.  The CDC corroborated by issuing the statement that the vaccine was responsible for ALL cases since 1979.
  • ALL members of the CDC panel that decides which vaccinations to put on your child's mandated vaccination schedule personally make money from those vaccines, most of them upwards of a million per year. 
  • There in no such thing as herd immunity among vaccinated populations.  There IS herd immunity among people that get the diseases naturally.
  • Febrile diseases in childhood (the ones they vaccinate against that would otherwise produce fevers) significantly increase an individual's immunity later in life. 
  • The American Academy of Neurology reported that 7 out of every 10 instances of crib death occurred within three weeks after a pertussis vaccination. 

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