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We Can STOP Causing Childhood Cancers!

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on March 14, 2019

Even with its almost billion dollar per year budget, the cancer society seems to have no idea what is causing childhood cancers. 

So let me give you what they won't:

Anything that alters hormones from normal can not only change physical and functional characteristics, it can also cause cancer, especially reproductive cancer.  This includes hormones in animal products, the rBST hormone given to milk cows, plastic that comes in contact with our foods, water and other beverages, hormone drugs, etc.

Many of the food additives such as fake colors, flavors, enhancers and preservatives are well known for causing cancer.  So are most of the fake sweeteners. 

Roundup, the weed killer, is a well known cancer causer.  The most recent numbers I could find for use in the United States was from 2014.  At that time, we were already dumping upward of 276,000,000 pounds per year onto our farm soil.  That much or more was added the next year and the next and the next . . . 

As Roundup builds up in the soil year after year, its presence in our foods is virtually guaranteed, and at higher and higher levels with every passing crop.  Roundup is also sprayed on most grass and grain.  We can then be poisoned gradually by eating the grains directly, like in breakfast cereals or bread.  Or, when the grass or grains are fed to animals, the cancer causing agents are concentrated 50 to 100 fold, giving us industrial scale levels of cancer causing poison.  Also regarding Roundup, when sugar beets are grown in Roundup laced fields, they soak it up, bringing added cancer-causing factors to sugar, syrup and boxed breakfast cereals.

The vaccine ingredients formaldehyde is well known as a cancer causing agent.  This is easy to check for yourself.  Simply search “does formaldehyde cause cancer?” followed by “formaldehyde in vaccinations.”  You'll see that there is supposedly only a small amount in vaccines.  But by the time a tiny baby has had multiple vaccine doses containing it, the small amount isn't so small.  And formaldehyde is by no means the only cancer-causing ingredient in vaccinations.

And a list of cancer-causing agents wouldn't be complete without all the chemical products around our home.  Make sure dish and dishwasher detergent is very thoroughly rinsed off every eating utensil, pan, kettle and food storage container.  Be sure the flame retardant pajamas are washed several times before you let your child sleep in them (and it is wise to always give every laundry load an extra rinse).  Don't let your little girl bathe in cancer causing bubble bath water.  Keep all those “room fresheners” sprays out of your home and the scented “car freshener” products out of your car.  Even avoid scented candles. 

All sorts of cleaning products are harmful in a number of ways including acting as carcinogens. 

Avoid carcinogenic products are those that go directly onto your child's skin, products such as bubble bath, sun screens and lotions.     

You know that lovely bubble gum flavored fluoride that your dentist wants you to give to your child, the fluoride toothpaste and the fluoride in drinking water (including the fluoride “enhanced” baby water sold at the local drug stores)?  Yep, ALL fluoride is among the causes of cancer.

Insecticide sprays used on all sorts of fruit, vegetable and grain crops are known carcinogens.  In fact, farm workers who are around these sprays have high rates of cancer, as do their kids who are around the toxins they carry home on their cloths and skin.

If you decide to get new carpet in your home, I advise that you have the carpet unrolled for at least a couple weeks in a warehouse or garage before you allow its remaining off-gassing toxins into your home.  This same concept applies to bed mattresses and poly filled pillows.

Well, this list is by no means exhaustive.  However, just staying away from these toxins should eliminate an easy 95% of cancers, and that's a good start.  After all, since childhood cancer seems to be such a “mystery” to the cancer society and medical groups, wouldn't it make sense for us to bypass their supposed ignorance and start eliminating things that are absolutely known to cause cancer from our babies?

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