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Why Are Children's Hormones So Mixed Up?

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on February 28, 2019

Children have fouled up hormones like never before.  I was going to call this section “hormone imbalances” but that doesn't really describe what is taking place.  Their hormone levels are just wrong.

There are two main places where this shows up, and each is easily seen without a microscope or lab test. 

The Female Cycle

The first is that girls are starting their female cycles very early, some by age seven or eight.  Many of them are more physically developed by age 12 than their moms were when they got married.   

The other ‘hard to miss” sign of fouled hormones is that many boys are less masculine and many girls are less feminine, with now hundreds of thousands of kids having trouble deciding which sex they are. 

Believe me, these situations did not exist when I was ten or fifteen years old.  Whether this strikes you as normal in today's world or not, it would be hard to contend that we are not witnessing a huge hormonal and physiological shift.

Another hormonal phenomenon that is drawing more and more attention is the rate of infertility in couples, now estimated at one in five

So let's take a look at some of the more glaring causes of this hormone chaos. 

Hidden Danger in Plastic

First, all plastic “off gasses” chemicals that mimic human sex hormones. Plastic comes in direct contact with our food and water today with ever increasing frequency.  We have fast food containers and water bottles.  Water pipes in many new dwellings are plastic.  Food is often packaged in plastic at the grocery and is stored in plastic in our refrigerators.  All contact between plastic and products we consume is fouling our hormones.  And don't forget that this includes teflon pans.

Added Hormones in Animal Products

Second, commercially grown meat, pork and poultry, as well as animal products such as butter, cheese, eggs and yogurt can all have unnatural hormones that translate into abnormal human hormone levels.  Farmed fish too.  Dairy cows are given the rBST hormone to make them have huge udders at a younger age so they put out several gallons of milk per day.  The FDA, the American Cancer Society and the dairy industry have the nerve to tell us this doesn't impact human hormone levels, an assertion that is outright absurd. 

Hormones in the Water Supply?

Third, as a result of now decades of hormone replacement therapy treatment and birth control pill use, these hormones are finding their way into our drinking water and everyone is drinking them.

Hormone Disrupters

Fourth, fabric softener also contains hormone disrupters, chemicals that that can keep your child's hormones off tilt.   

Remember that abnormal hormones are related to many unpleasant conditions, even cancer.  Yes, it is getting more difficult with every passing year.  But make every effort to avoid these factors that alter your child's hormones. 

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