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Why Are We Lied To About Vaccination Requirements?

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on August 25, 2019

Go down to the mall and ask 100 people if vaccinations are required to get children into school and at least 99% will say yes.  Call pediatric offices and ask the same question, and they will also say yes.  (I did this with three offices in my area.  All three said, “Yes vaccinations are required to get your children into school.”)

Now I don't like being told things that aren't true and perhaps you don't either.  And when people in positions of authority tell me lies, it also makes me wonder why they do so.  The fact is, if you hadn't been told so many things that simply aren't true concerning childhood shots, you just might have several reasons to not get your son or daughter vaccinated.

The point here is that contrary to what you have been told, if you decide against vaccinations after learning more about them, your child can be exempted in all states.  However, the possibility of exemption is slipping away fast.   The drug companies are spending millions bribing lawmakers to respond to bogus, exaggerated threats and media frenzies.  So please help fight this trend.  

Three Ways to Keep Your Child Exempt From Vaccinations

1. Medical Exemptions

For a medical exemption, a form usually needs to be given to your child's school that explains that you have done your research, and that you have your child's best interests at heart.  In many states, a M.D., a D.O, a P.A. or an advanced practitioner must sign exemptions forms, but laws vary from state to state.  The medical exemption is available in all states. 

2. Religious Exemptions

The religions exemption is similar.  Many religions are strongly against mixing animal blood with human blood.  Since most vaccines contain animal blood, a parent may turn in an exemption form to their child's school stating that mixing animal blood with human blood is against their religion.  Since some vaccines are cultured in aborted human fetuses, the parent could also write that abortion, and therefore the vaccine, is against their religion.  Or, parents could simply state that they didn't think God forgot anything when designing the immune system. 

These are just a few examples.  It is your religion, so basically, anything you believe will do.  The religious exemption generally does not require a statement from an organized or recognized religion.  This exemption is available in all but a few states.

3. Philosophical Exemption

Last is the philosophical exemption.  This is where you just don't think vaccinations are right.  Some common reasons parents offer include:  They don't like the slaughtering animals for the purpose of making vaccinations, don't believe in genetic engineering, think humans should create natural immunity just like every other species in history, don't believe forcing vaccines is constitutional or say that if we had really needed vaccinations, we wouldn't have survived as a species. 

Usually this particular part of exemption law requires that you object to all vaccines to get into school.  It's all or none.  The philosophical exemption is available in about one-fourth of the states in the US.

In Washington State where I live, the exemption had always been part of the law. In other words, the law said that children are required to have shots unless they are not required to have shots (for medical, religious or personal reasons).  It was basically like saying that all pickups are red except those that aren't red.  However, because of buyable lawmakers, all but the medical exemption was recently lost.  

But what's interesting to me is that the public has been lied to so consistently that almost everyone believes vaccinations are required everywhere to get into school.  At the risk of repeating myself, I ask you again, “Why have we all been told this lie?” 

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