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Why Do They Use Scare Tactics?

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on August 22, 2019

Scare tactic:  How could you live with yourself if your child committed suicide without receiving antidepressant drug treatment? 

Truth:  Antidepressants multiply the odds that a child will commit suicide. 

Scare tactic:  What if you didn't get your daughter vaccinated and then she was paralyzed or killed by polio? 

Truth:  Only an estimated 1 out of 1000 people who got polio had any paralysis at all.  Plus, the only way to get polio here today is from the vaccine. 

Scare tactic:  How would you feel if your son's appendix burst and he died of peritonitis because you didn't take it out as a preventive precaution? 

Truth:  Taking out a healthy appendix is a lot more dangerous than leaving it in where it belongs.

Scare tactic:  What if you were having a home birth and had complications during the delivery? 

Truth:  The vast majority of complications are caused by what goes on in the hospital. 

Scare tactic:  Without the tetanus shots, you could get lockjaw and die.

Truth:  The odds of your American child dying from Tetanus are now one in eight hundred million. 

Scare tactic:  If he gets the mumps, it could make him sterile. 

Truth:  Yes, in rare cases, boys who get mumps can become sterile in one testicle.  But the other one still produces enough sperm each day to repopulate the whole planet in a week or two. 

Scare tactic:  What if “it” went into his lungs because you didn't give antibiotics? 

Truth:  Taking antibiotics in the absence of a bacterial infection increases the chances that there will soon be an infection. 

Scare tactic:  Your child could lose her hearing if we don't put tubes in her ears.  

Truth:  Inserting tubes in the eardrums is far more likely to cause hearing loss than not inserting tubes.

Without SCARE TACTICS, most parents would never consider allowing these stupid things to be done.

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