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Hormone Reboot

In conversation and during doctor visits, we often hear about "hormone imbalances." Many people know they have them; many others suspect they do.

In spite of this, only a tiny percentage of those afflicted are aware that their hormone production isn’t normal. If you had a dollar for every time you encountered someone with a hormone imbalance, you’d be very rich!

The big question is, “What does one do about hormone imbalances?”

The secret with hormone imbalances is to get a person’s own body functioning right so it makes its own hormones, the right amounts at the right times.

Far too often, however, practitioners give patients synthetic hormones in the form of pills, patches or injections. Now the person REALLY has a hormone imbalance!

Hormone imbalances are far worse than simply an inconvenience. Look what an imbalance of each of these hormones can cause:

  • Adrenaline: Dizziness, low energy, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, erratic heart beat and depression.
  • Insulin: Grogginess, thirst, hunger, numb hands or feet, weight loss, diabetes, low blood sugar, frequent infections, loss of brain function, inflammation of arteries and heart disease.
  • Thyroid Hormone: Weight gain, always cold, low energy, hair loss.
  • Sex Hormones: Facial hair on females, weight gain, loss of bone density, cancer, PMS, low libido, abnormal female cycle, premature menopause, infertility and depression.
  • Cortisone: Weight loss, low blood pressure, stiff joints, low blood sugar, extreme fatigue and inflammation.
  • Pineal Hormone: Poor sleep, reduced mental function and worsening of vision.
  • Pituitary Hormones: Because pituitary hormones direct all the other glands to secrete their hormones, any hormone in the body can become imbalanced. Additionally, pituitary hormones dictate growth, blood pressure and more.
  • Hypothalamus Hormones: Several hypothalamus hormones are involved in the same processes as pituitary hormones. But the hypothalamus also produces hormones that influence, nerve and brain function, sense of wellbeing, fat metabolism and more.
Are hormone levels important? Absolutely!!

At Gemmer Chiropractic, natural methods are employed to help your body make just the right amount of each hormone. People LOVE the changes this makes in their lives. You will too!