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Neurological Integration System

NIS is one of the most comprehensive natural healthcare systems ever developed.

How does it work? What is it?

Picture this: Every time throughout life that you are “slammed hard” by something, neurological breaker switches inside you are “tripped”. The assault can be a trauma (such as a whiplash), a fall or perhaps a sports accident. It can be a chemical assault such as from food poisoning, chemical overload or heavy metals toxicity. It can be an emotional overload. Or it can even be an infection.

If your circuit breakers do not reset on their own, they can cause almost any imaginable sort of lost health or vitality.

The Neurological Integration System is a comprehensive method through which the malfunctioning neurological circuits can be identified and then reset.

And the amazing part: It is rare, almost unheard of, for a client to receive a NIS treatment without knowing for certain that several things are working far better as a result. The malfunctions are obvious before treatment, and clearly they are gone by the end of the visit.

The Neurological Integration System is at the center of every benefit and improvement you will experience as a result of visiting Gemmer Wellness. Now in his ninth year with Neurological Integration System as his primary method, Dr. Gemmer is one of the most proficient NIS doctors in North America.