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Recovery From Cancer Treatment

You’ve Been Pronounced “Cancer Free” – EXCELLENT!! Now all you need to do is RECOVER FROM THE CANCER TREATMENT

The methods used by Western Medicine to treat cancer can be brutal. Many feel they are worth it. Others who have received them say they’d never do it again. But really, all survivors are happy to have it all behind them.

While technology is introducing some new (and mega-expensive) treatment options, few cancer victims escape some combination of the equally high priced chemotherapy cocktails, radiation and/or surgery treatments.

After the treatments conclude, the lucky ones remain cancer free for the remainder of their natural lives. Some of these have the added bonus of experiencing very few lasting ill effects from the cancer treatments.

However, to say these treatments are harsh is really an understatement in most cases. And then comes the recovery from the cancer treatments.

A complete list of the lasting ill-effects would be hard to compile there are so many.

  • Some people remain weak, with shortness of breath or dizziness.
  • Organs such as the heart, thyroid, intestinal tract, breasts and kidneys are often damaged.
  • Routinely, immunity is never the same, making these people susceptible to infections and joint deterioration.
  • Many complain of memory loss and poor concentration.
  • Others lose sex drive, normal function, fertility and have hot flashes.
  • Diarrhea, constipation, poor absorption of nutrients and abdominal pains are common
And, all too often, the cancer treatment causes new, unrelated cancers such as leukemia.

If you have undergone cancer treatment and are experiencing some of these after effects, there’s good news!

Through the use of a very sophisticated (but non-invasive) testing and correction system, many of these long-term results of cancer treatment can be removed from your life. (Learn more here.)

Because there are so many variables (every person is different!), I will only consider you for in-office evaluation or treatment after we spend 15 to 20 minutes together on the phone discussing the particulars of your situation.

If you would like information on a fresh, new approach that helps people like you recover from cancer treatment, click the button on this page to schedule your confidential, no obligation, complimentary phone consultation.