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Your First Visit

So that you know what to expect, your first visit will last 60 to 90 minutes and will consists of the following 3 steps:
  • Step #1 – An extensive consultation regarding your situation. Every doctor does this, right? No, not like this. For example, let’s suppose you have headaches that won’t quit recurring. There are at least two dozen questions that need to be asked. The answers will then focus our attention in the right direction. The same is true no matter what is bothering you. You have valuable information that will help us get to the root of your situation. So we ask a lot of questions.
  • Step #2 – We will conduct an in-depth evaluation of how well your nerve system is (or isn’t) functioning along with careful evaluations of several other key systems (comprised of roughly 16,000 possible factors).
  • Step # 3 – Initial treatment. The first visit includes a full treatment process along with the evaluation. Most people see significant improvements by the time this first visit is completed. Please allow 60 to 90 minutes for your first visit.

What Does It Cost?

The N.I.S. process is a highly sophisticated and comprehensive system. The first visit fee varies between $400 and $700 depending on time needed and complexity of your case. A more detailed first fee estimate will be worked out during your free initial phone consultation.

Each subsequent visit will include a battery of unique evaluations and treatments to improve your neurological transmission and handle your specific issues. Every visit is precise and is specific for only you. Follow up visits are in the $175 to $325 range, again depending on time required and complexity.

Discounted followup packages are also available and can be purchased after the first visit.

Note: A bonus of this system is that most people need FEW and INFREQUENT visits. Our goal is for you to get more help and better results in less time and for a lower cost than you could anywhere else.

How Do I Get Started?

Because your challenges and questions are unique, we request that you first schedule a complimentary 20-minute PHONE CONSULTATION directly with Dr. Gemmer so that we can discuss your situation and make sure you are a good candidate for our practice and our system. We do not accept all patients but do help most all we accept.

We also understand that you may have questions. You’ve been to other doctors and are likely wondering if this is finally the answer you’ve been looking for.

In this call you can discuss your specific problems, pains and concerns, as well as what other doctors may have told you directly with Dr. Gemmer. Dr. Gemmer will ask some questions and answer all of yours. When this is completed, he’ll have a very good idea whether his system is ideal for you and will let you know exactly what he really thinks and if this will work for you.

Prior to the call we encourage you to write a “wish” list of EVERYTHING about your health or function that isn’t ideal and bring it to us. Seriously, everything!!