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Finally. A Non-Invasive, Drug-Free Treatment
For Chronic Insomnia That Delivers Results

Dr. Gemmer's "Get Some Sleep Program" is designed to help you GET THE REST YOU NEED!

An affordable solution with QUICK and LASTING results

Sleep is in fact a very complex process.  It requires a coordinated effort between various systems.  In order to wake up feeling great, your heart and circulation, hormone levels, detoxification and healing all must work together while you sleep. 

Dr. Gemmer's "Get Some Sleep Program" identifies the nerve circuits that are malfunctioning and then resets them, much like you might go out into your garage to reset one of your home's blown circuits. 

The procedures are painless and non-invasive, with no needles, manipulation or drugs.  The treatments are fun, and the most common comment we here is, "How did my sleep get so much better so quickly?"

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Four Steps of the "Get Some Sleep Program"

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Second Sleep Quiz

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Be on the road
to feeling great

"I was taking drugs and using my sleep apnea machine but still couldn't sleep more
than an hour at a time.  After the first "Get Some Sleep Program" treatment, I slept
soundly all the way through the night - a full seven and a half hours!"

- Dr. James E. Messimer

A Good Night's Sleep Starts Here

Highly Personalized Program

This is absolutely not a one-size-fits-all program. There are several causes and many factors that influence your quality of sleep and therefore your daytime energy and mental clarity. All we do is built around the fact that no two people are alike.

Created For Your Convenience

We are located within easy reach from any Pacific Northwest location, and very few in-office sessions are usually needed.

Huge Added Benefits

Most people are pleasantly surprised when they realize they've been helped with several other, seemingly unrelated conditions.

A Program That Delivers Results

Our system has helped hundreds of people who felt they never saw progress with the standard approach with their physician.