Our Patients Share Their Successes…

“I broke my lower leg bones in 1993, so badly that they were sticking out through the skin. After the bones healed, I continued to have an open sore there for the next 24 years!  After four months of Dr. Gemmer’s care, the skin is closed and healed.”

“Sometimes my heartburn felt like I was having a heart attack. At other times, it just burned. This went on for years.  I think I’ve been in five visits to date and it is all gone.”

“My thumbs and big toes hurt. It was never diagnosed but I thought it was gout. My toes would hurt when I walked and I couldn’t possibly get the lid off a jar because of the thumb pain and weakness. During my first visit, I could barely close my hands. Ten minutes later, I literally had a crusher grip. Unbelievable!”

“I had a pain in my upper right molar tooth that went up into my face and beside my eye. I thought I’d probably need a root canal or some dental procedure.  Instead, all the pain was immediately gone as a result of this really interesting neurological process.”

“I think I’d had restless legs for seven years about. They’re now totally OK after six visits.”

“I would get dizzy and literally tip over, always to the right.  With osteoporosis, this was a very dangerous situation.  I’ve been with Dr. Gemmer about six months and I now have perfect balance and never tip over.  It is all gone.”

“My neck was so stiff that I could barely turn it at all.  It was really unsafe for me to drive because I just couldn’t turn enough to see if cars were coming. After my first visit, I could turn my head like a healthy 15 year old.  Interestingly, this was accomplished without any physical adjustment to my neck.”

“My legs were mostly covered by huge, red, scaly welts. They itched and burned terribly. By my fourth visit, the areas were smaller but still red. After my sixth visit, areas are not raised, burning, red or itching. The problem is gone.  I go in for periodic visits and continue to see my health improving in other ways.”

“I was surprised at the improvements in my blood sugar after so few visits. I would have never guessed.”

“I had a knee surgery at age 90 and the outside of my knee hurt constantly afterward.  For the next 10 months, I considered another surgery. But it didn’t seem to be a very good idea considering my age.  So I was stuck with this problem.  Well, Dr. Gemmer totally has handled my knee pain.  As a bonus, my vision is clearer, I have more energy, my balance is better, my leg cramps are gone and my mind is sharper.  I can’t figure out how it all works.  It is simply a miracle.”

“My thumb was so painful, weak and worthless that I was ready to schedule joint replacement surgery. By my eighth visit, I could use it for anything without pain.”

“I had been everywhere with my neck and back pain and spent many thousands of dollars.  I’ve seen Dr. Gemmer just a few visits, and don’t think I’ve felt this good since high school.”

“I had Fibromyalgia after a major traffic accident, and it gradually got worse and worse over the next 15 years.  Like others with this painful condition, I expected to have it for the rest of my life. The burning in my arms was so severe that I would have to get up and run them under cold water every 20 minutes. By my fifth visit, the burning was totally gone. I couldn’t explain how Dr. Gemmer does this if you threatened me!  I’m so surprised and pleased!”

“My blood pressure went from ‘scary’ to ‘normal’ in three weeks.”

“I had this odd salty taste in my mouth and I would often gag for no apparent reason. I was all cleared up by my fifth visit.”

“After my fourth NIS treatment, I told my physician that I wasn’t depressed anymore. He worked me off my antidepressants.  Now I don’t take them and I feel great.”

“I was horribly messed up after my breast cancer treatment (sick, weak, mentally dull, off balance, no interest in life).  I had to see Dr. Gemmer for a while but I now feel almost perfect.”

“My gall bladder pain is gone and I no longer get sick feeling after eating fatty foods.”

“My sister’s Multiple Sclerosis is quite advanced.  Her right arm is still working quite well, but her legs are so bad she requires a walker and her left arm was almost as bad as her legs.  Dr. Gemmer said not to expect much help with the legs but he did improve the function of her left arm so much that she can now stick it straight up over her head.  This means so much to my sister, getting better at all after doing nothing but getting worse for the last nine years.”

“All my life, I have been fast with math or with a quick answer.  But after my auto accident, I had bad mental fog and felt sort of dazed.  It completely cleared away after my first visit (actually during my first visit!).”

“My hair is growing in thicker, a big change and really fast.”

“I had just bought new glasses with a stronger correction. After a NIS treatments with Dr. Gemmer, I had to go back to an older, weaker prescription.”

“I can now swallow without choking. Dizziness gone too!  My low back pain, my knee pain and my knuckle pain . . . ALL gone after seeing Dr. Gemmer.”

“Told my other doctor that my back pain and and arm tremors are much better now (after just a few visits).  I’ve had NO leg cramps at night!!”

“My husband used to love hard work, especially cutting and stacking firewood.  But his medically-diagnosed Parkinson’s had made him weak, dazed, shaky and slow.  After just three months with Dr. Gemmer, he is now out with his chainsaw cutting down trees, chopping them into wood stove lengths, splitting them with an axe and carrying heaping armloads into the house. Talk about a MAJOR turnaround from the symptoms of an irreversible disease.”

“My sharp eye pains are gone. And I can even see clearer.”

“I had an unsightly rash on my face and neck and it was getting worse. I think it was gone after my third visit.”

“I was so weak and exhausted that if I walked a block, I wasn’t sure if I could make it back. Since I am in my mid 80’s, I thought my clock was just running out.  But the day after my first visit with Dr. Gemmer, I started walking, felt great, kept walking and in no time had gone half a mile. And I could have kept going!”

“It was really hard a first for me to wrap my head around the idea that all the problems I was having in my body were from neurological switching problems in my brain. I am hoping my daughter will pursue the right degree in college so she can then take this master’s program.”

“I had to get up to urinate 15 times each night. On my second visit, I announced to Doc and April that I was only having to get up twice!”

A note from April, Dr. Gemmer’s Assistant…

Hi, I’m April.  I’ve worked with Dr. Gemmer for over 14 years and love it.  I take care of his schedule and look forward to talking with you soon. :))   

The most common thing I hear patients say every day is that Dr. Gemmer’s evaluation and treatment is like nothing they’ve ever seen before.  He goes after the root causes of health problems.  Everything he does is totally personalized and unique for you.  There’s nothing about it that is even remotely “one size fits all.”

After observing and being a part of this from the beginning, I’d say that his system produces the almost unbelievable results it does because he gets to the real, underlying causes of your problems.  As Dr “G” always says, if nothing is causing a health problem, why would you ever have one in the first place? 

I work with Dr. Gemmer every day and can tell you, when you experience this system for yourself, you’ll know that you’ve never seen anything like this, ever.