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Is Your List of Health Problems Getting Longer Every Year?  Learn How Dr. Gemmer's Unique Approach Can Help You Feel Great Again.

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Neurologically Based Natural Health Care

Neurological Integration System

Neurological Integration System

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Nutrition and Detoxification

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Inflammation Relief

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Welcome to the Home of Gemmer Wellness

Near beautiful Bremerton, WA

Dedicated to handling the cause of health problems naturally without drugs, unnecessary surgeries, and side effects.

Welcoming clients from all across the United States, Canada and around the world. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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The Gemmer
Wellness Approach

Our bodies are equipped with circuit breakers much like those that will "trip" if there is trouble with our house wiring or an appliance. Any type of trauma (even toxic or emotional traumas) can trip our circuit breaker switches. Most reset on their own. But, if they don't reset within a few days, they will remain blown for the rest of your life (unless the correct actions are taken) and cause an almost endless list of possible problems.

It turns out that these blown breaker switches are almost always central to the cause of one's health challenges. At Gemmer Wellness, we locate these blown breaker and reset them using the amazing NIS system. Through this, as the causes are corrected, the effects (the health problems and symptoms) go away. See this in action and you will be very pleasantly surprised!

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Meet Dr. Gemmer

Dr. Erwin Gemmer is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa and has been in practice over 40 years!

He has attended and/or presented over 1,800 seminars and has attended to over 600,000 patient visits. He is very "results" oriented, but only when the results can be achieved through natural means and by correcting the causes of peoples' problems.

Dr. Gemmer is an expert practitioner of the Neurological Integrative System (N.I.S.) and has spent considerable time working directly with the genius developer of N.I.S. (Dr. Allan Phillips of New Zealand).  

During these past 40 years, Dr. Gemmer's life has been a bit busy as he is the proud father of ten healthy kids and has created a multitude of recordings, special reports, and has even authored a number of books - all of them on how to be naturally healthy.

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Why does a person go through life healthy but then something changes and they get a disease? The answer will surprise you.

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What Our Patients Say

I've had a pain and weakness in my shoulder for a couple of years that just wouldn't go away. After just two visits to Dr Gemmer the pain has gone away and my strength has returned.

Melody L.

Dr. Gemmer identified and treated the digestive problems that I've had for several years. In addition, he identified some other areas of concern. He's incredibly knowledgeable and great to work with!

Tim J.

Dr. Gemmer has helped me so much! I have more energy, I feel stronger, I have less pain, and the gout and heart palpitations I was experiencing are gone. Dr. Gemmer is truly incredible and I am so thankful!

Susan O.