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Functional Neurology

You are an integrated whole.

Your organs, glands and systems are intricately connected together and dependent on each other to make up your magnificent body. If given what it needs to function optimally, your body will heal and thrive. Unfortunately, life does not make it easy to stay healthy.

In order for you to be your best, every part of your body must be controlled moment to moment by your brain through billions of nerves and connections.

Dr. Gemmer has spent a lifetime learning how put your body back under the control of your brain so that all parts work together and you can have radiant health.

  • Graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic with the most clinical experience of all students.
  • Attended more than 170 post graduate seminars over the years related to neurology, physiology, pathology, nutrition and kinesiology.
  • Has presented over 1400 seminars on how nerve transmission controls a person’s functions and health.
  • Dr. Gemmer has personally attended more than 500,000 patient visits.
  • Has achieved the highest level of training in Neurological Integration System.
  • Author of two books and hundreds of articles.
  • Created a “how to get healthy” recording that sold over a million copies.