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Acid Reflux – Digestion Issues

Do you experience acid burning into your stomach, esophagus or perhaps even up to the area of your throat where swallowing takes place? If so, this is a situation known as “Acid Reflux” or “GERD” (short for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease). Or if less severe, you might just call it heartburn or acid indigestion.

This can be bad. If the burning from acid occurs in the small intestine, it can turn into ulcers.

Or in the case of acid reflux, the stomach acid gets up into the esophagus, an area where it does not belong. It can cause damage reaching all the way up to the back of the throat, even going so far as to create sores in the mouth or lips.

Acid reflux is said to be the result of a weak lower esophageal sphincter (the shut off valve between the esophagus and the stomach). That weakness, we are told, allows the contents of your stomach to flow back up into a person’s esophagus. However, this isn’t exactly the whole story. As you’ll discover, this is just the effect of the underlying causes. The real cause is improper digestion, and the real answer it to find out why this is occurring.

Before delving into these underlying causes, it is important to note that acid reflux is quite serious, resulting in close to six million hospitalizations per year and a couple thousand direct deaths. The acid damage can make it difficult to swallow, can lead to coughs and sores in the throat and occasionally even throat cancer. Also, in the elderly, it can make it difficult to breath.

However . . . the current treatments for heartburn and acid reflux are also dangerous. This is especially true of those drugs that stop acid formation. Some of these even stop acid formation for a full twenty-four hours. Take just one pill per day and you’ll never have any acid production!

These drugs aren’t simply harmful. They are horribly damaging to a person’s health.

Why? Here’s what the multi-billion dollar acid blocker industry isn’t telling you.

Stomach acid is essential for digestion of proteins. Without the proteins in our foods being broken down properly, we cannot get the essential amino acids that can only come from the food we eat. Within days, we will run low on the building blocks needed for a healthy body.

Here is a partial list of what you’ll lose when protein cannot be broken down due to lack of stomach acid:

  • The physical structure of your body will suffer.
  • You won’t be able to maintain proper fluid balance.
  • You will lack enzymes to digest food, adding to the poor of digestion already caused by a lack of acid.
  • Energy will decline for lack of fuel and missing enzymes needed to utilize that fuel.
  • The balance between acidity and alkalinity of the body will be thrown off. Infection-fighting antibodies won’t be formed. Both of these severely weaken immunity.
  • Blood may not clot normally, increasing the possibility of anything from bruising to stroke.
  • Muscles won’t be able to contract as they should, and a person can feel weak and uncoordinated.
  • You won’t be able to produce hormones properly, including sex hormones, sleep-inducing hormones, insulin and glucagon needed for sugar regulation, growth hormone (needed for youthfulness) and cortisone needed for joint mobility. The missing hormones will also change a persons moods, weight and even the ability to stand up without getting dizzy.
  • Genetic mutations will occur.
  • Normal use of vitamins and minerals will be lost.


OK...if we shouldn’t stop the production of stomach acid and we shouldn’t tolerate acid reflux, what should we do instead? We simply need to find and correct the causes of the acid reflux.

Yes, that’s the obvious answer. However, in real practice, there are dozens of factors that cause acid reflux. So how do I unravel these cases?

  • I start with what you eat, when you eat it and what foods and beverages you should and shouldn’t eat in the same meal.
  • Next, I look closely at how you eat. (Big problems here!)
  • I then consider physical or mechanical factors that can produce excessive abdominal pressure and force acids into your esophagus. Remember, the valve between the esophagus and the stomach doesn’t “just happen” to get weak. There are always more basic causes of the problem.
  • OK, once these fundamentals are out of the way, we then use a very sophisticated (but non-invasive) system to evaluate and correct every aspect of the nervous system and its control over the digestive process. Through it, most of these long-term causes of acid reflux can be removed from your life. Click here to learn more about our testing and correction system.
  • Last, digestive aids can be utilized. However, this isn’t usually necessary if all the other factors are properly handled.

So here is a summary:

  • Don’t allow acid reflux to go unhandled.
  • But please, don’t make acid blocking drugs your solution either because failure to get proteins from your food is too great a price to pay.

How To Get Help

Because there are so many variables (every person is different!), we only will consider you for in-office evaluation and treatment after we discuss your unique situation via a phone consultation.

If you would like information on a fresh, new approach that helps people like you recover from acid reflux and heartburn in all their forms, if you would like to see if you can really be helped, click the button on this page to schedule your confidential, no obligation, complimentary phone consultation with me.