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#10 Dementia Cause: Psychiatric Drugs and Abuses

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on August 4, 2019

The TENTH cause of Alzheimer's and other Dementia in out series is Psychiatric drugs and abuses.

Millions of people have been damaged by the Psychiatric industry: Their devices, their procedures and most commonly, their drugs. While public outcries against lobotomies and electric shock have made these psychiatric favorites illegal for the most part, the profession is still there and should be feared. 

So today, I'd like to first warn you about the psych industry's two latest schemes to fry brains in exchange for mega-profits.

The first of these two ruins the brain through mega doses from a magnetic field. This is done with the victim sitting under a device that looks like an old fashion salon hair dryer while his or brain is being cooked.

The other is called “Deep Brain Stimulation.” For this, they drill a hole in the top of the head, stick in a probe that looks like an oven thermometer, and fry the brain from the inside out.

The psychiatric industry is salivating with excitement over these two newest ways to “treat” the brain, and is now working aggressively to get them labeled and pedaled as “safe as chap stick.”

You need to know about these. They will be trying to put these to use on ALL AGES (yes, even toddlers) to supposedly treat everything from anxiety to weight loss to pimples to bad dreams to breaking up with your boyfriend. Beware: MAJOR DAMAGE and DANGERS will be passed off as PERFECTLY SAFE.

And, then of course, there are the psychotropic drugs, a huge and deadly branch of the pharmaceutical industry. Some psychiatric drugs are so dangerous that they have black label warnings, even as many as 250 side effects.

ALL of them damage the brain.

One of the many brain-damaging substances in psych drugs is fluoride (which we've mentioned before).  It's in most anti-depressant and anti anxiety drugs.

Damaged brains result in Alzheimer's and other Dementia.

You have to beware.  It is your friendly family doctor writing these prescriptions.  They are selling these horrible drugs for anxiety, for depression, for help to stop smoking, and . . . they're being prescribed to counteract the adverse effects of dozens of other drugs.

It is up to YOU. Your doctor knows how bad this stuff is (or can at least certainly find out), so this isn't the time to be nice when he or she writes you or a loved one a prescription for this garbage.  When you or your aging parent is written one of these prescriptions, you need to speak up.

Remember, dementia is caused.  All we have to do is quit causing it.   

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