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#2 - MERCURY AND ALUMINUM: How You and Your Loved Ones Can Best Avoid Dementia

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on June 24, 2019

Dr. Gemmer here.  This is the second in our serie on how you and your loved ones can help avoid dementia and Alzheimer's. 

In this segment, we'll be looking at the facts and fables about flu shots, and especially highlight the part they play in the dementia/Alzheimer's epidemic.   Okay, here we go!

If you care about having a functioning brain, there are a couple big problems with flu shots: 

First, almost all flu shots currently contain Thimerosal, a solution that is 50% mercury.  Not only is it mercury, it is one of the most nerve-toxic forms of mercury. 

Want to see for yourself what a mercury solution (as found in flu shots) does as it destroys nerve cells?  Check out this video.

Second, many (or most) flu shots also contain aluminum, the other most neurotoxic, naturally-occurring substance on earth. 

You can be certain that if the vaccines contain mercury or aluminum (they usually contain both), millions of brain cells die every time a shot is given. 

Why haven't you been told of this danger? 

Could it have to do with money?  I'm sure it won't come as a surprise that flu shots are another gazillion dollar (that's a lot of money!) scheme, a huge money maker comparable to the statins and “low cholesterol foods” described in our first lesson in this series. 

As I did with statins and low-cholesterol foods, I can't leave you hanging, wondering whether the alleged benefits of flu shots might be worth the “inconvenience” of losing your mind.  So, before we go on, these comments:

First, are there benefits to getting flu shots? 

This is an easy question to answer for one simple reason:  Flu shots do not prevent the flu.  I know you've observed this for yourself.  Someone gets a flu shot and before long gets horribly sick with the flu.  What type of prevention is that? 

So why do so many people get flu shots?

It's because, every year about January, the media starts telling us the prepackaged stories about deaths from “this year's especially lethal” strain of flu.  These aren't random bits of news they are reporting.  This is part of a carefully orchestrated, preplanned campaign of misinformation.  

But it is possible to get behind the curtain and see what's going on.

Maybe I'm a bit unusual, but I'm the guy who calls and talks to the Health Department heads in counties where the media reports these deaths have taken place.  The official there invariably says the same thing, that “these people were old, had a lot of other stuff wrong with them and weren't expected to live too long anyway.  And, virtually ALL of the people represented in these reported deaths had received flu shots!” 

I know of two senior facilities near where I live that were both under quarantine for weeks last winter because of major flu outbreaks.  Now I'm not talking about one in a million getting it (such as in the recent measles outbreaks).  Half the residents in these facilities got the flu!  The thing that was conveniently omitted from the news releases on these flu outbreaks was that ALL residents had to prove they had flu shots in order to live there!

Think of someone you know who got a bad case of the flu in recent years.  Now call and ask if they had received flu shots.  Most who got the flu did.

But what do academic sorts say about all this?

The former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the CDC, J. Anthony Morris states, “There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating (making less severe) any attack of influenza.  The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway.”  Again, that is the former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the CDC, someone who ought to know.

The reason flu shots cannot work is that each needs to be made to address a very specific strain of virus or there will be little or no benefit.  The problem is, it then takes six months to bring each year's flu vaccine to market.  During this time, the virus for which they were building the vaccine is long gone!  It has passed through numerous mutations to become a totally different variety, a strain that is unaffected by the flu shot they made. 

For all practical purposes, it is impossible to start administering a flu shot before the flu strain for which it was designed no longer exists.

OK, that was just in case you thought mercury and aluminum laced flu shots might be worth losing your mind over. 

If there is mercury or aluminum in a vaccination, it IS a cause of brain and nerve damage.  Period!

But can we expect to hear this from the Alzheimer's Association?  I just searched the Alzheimer's Association website and as near as I can tell, there is NO MENTION of the mercury and aluminum found in most all flu shots.  Strange . . . 

So just to see what they would say, I decided to jump over and check out mercury tooth fillings on their website instead.  I found this:

“According to the best available scientific evidence, there is no relationship between silver (mercury) dental fillings and Alzheimer's. The concern that there could be a link arose because “silver” fillings are made of an amalgam (mixture) that typically contains about 50 percent mercury, 35 percent silver and 15 percent tin. Mercury is a heavy metal that . . . is known to be toxic to the brain . . .” 

Okay, it is toxic (a poison) to the brain. 

But wait!  Doesn't poison kill stuff

Maybe there isn't much mercury in the shots? 

Well, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Mercury is a highly toxic element; there is no known safe level of exposure. Neither children nor adults should have ANY mercury in their bodies . . .”  It is dangerous in ALL forms.  To underline this point, the EPA has issued a 78 page step by step guide that must be followed to the letter when mercury filling are taken out of the mouth.  They are that toxic!  So, they are horribly poisonous outside the mouth but are safe inside the mouth?  And in which human tissue are they the most toxic?  Brain and nerve tissue!

Now go back four paragraphs to the Alzheimer's Association's statement that mercury doesn't harm the brain!  What type of “best scientific evidence” are they talking about?  (By the way, they don't mention brain poisoning from aluminum either.)

Mercury kills brain and nerve tissue, plain and simple. 

But it supposedly isn't related to Alzheimer's?  It is like saying candy rots your teeth but isn't related to tooth decay.  Can we really trust an association that is clearly simply a front for the drug and chemical industries? 

Because mercury is so toxic, mercury-based thermometers and blood pressure units are no longer sold.  We get warnings about eating tuna and other fish.  Clearly, mercury and aluminum are horribly toxic. 

Except, of course, when injected into millions of our friends and relatives every single year or put into teeth.  You believe that, don't you?  : )) 

Oh, and don't forget also that mercury and aluminum accumulate.  Each year's dose adds to the year before. 

Should you get flu shots? 

Experts who KNOW say they don't work.  We can easily observe that they don't work.  The toxins in them kill brain cells and these toxins are cumulative. 

But it's your decision.  Use common sense.  OR blindly follow the advice of those making billions.  

It's up to you.

PLEASE share this with others.  Don't hesitate for a moment to comment or ask questions.    

And if you haven't yet done so, be sure to read and understand the article that preceded this one because it is also one of the very most important things a person needs to know to avoid dementia/Alzheimer's.   (Get it by emailing me at [email protected] and putting “DEMENTIA” IN THE SUBJECT LINE.)

Next series segment coming soon. : )   Thanks!

- Dr. Erwin Gemmer

I always like to acknowledge those who help.  Alzheimer's and dementia care centers and their workers provide a very valuable service.  But far better to avoid dementia as one's first choice. 

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