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#6 - Don't be MISDIRECTED! The answer to DEMENTIA is PREVENTION!!

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on July 2, 2019


There is no cure for Alzheimer's.  While this could possibly change at some point, don't expect even a partial “cure” in the foreseeable future. 

Therefore, when the Alzheimer's Association and all others talk cure, cure, cure, they are misdirecting our attention from where it needs to be placed. 

What they obviously should be talking about and raising awareness for is PREVENTION. 

Research?  Spend it finding the CAUSES! 

Awareness?  Make people AWARE of the causes that are found.

Easy.  Sensible. 

But not likely to happen.  Why?

Would it surprise you if I said that it had to do with money?   

There's an old poem titled, “The Ambulance Down In The Valley” that describes the problem perfectly.  Here's my version of the story:

There was a beautiful ravine that could best be viewed from the edge of a cliff high above. 

Plenty of people would come to check out the view, and all too often, lean over the edge to get the best photos.  Unfortunately, far too many fell off the cliff and tumbled to the bottom.  All banged up and half dead, they were promptly picked up by an ambulance and taken to the local hospital. 

The hospital, doctors and ambulance service thought they was doing a great job of solving the problem. 

But some of the locals said, “Why don't we put up a fence at the top.  Then no one would fall?” 

But the others countered:  “Why would we do that?  Isn't our ambulance crew quickly picking up those who fall? 


Okay, that's more or less how I remember the story (with a few little embellishments of my own added). 

The question this poem poses is obvious:  Why do we always hear about “racing for a cure” instead of telling everyone how to prevent a disease? 

The problem is, there is so much money to be made treating people after they have a condition. 

Drugs eventually will be developed that help dementia a little bit.  That's money for the drug companies and pharmacies. 

Money is always being donated to search for a cure.  That's money for the Alzheimer's associations.

Long term care facilities are popping up everywhere.  Mega profits for their owners and operators.  Don't get me wrong, Alzheimer's and dementia care centers and their workers provide a very valuable service.  But far better to avoid dementia as one's first choice. 

Doctor visits abound.  Still more money from Alzheimer's as a disease.

The reason there is so little talk about true prevention is simple:  Diseases that set in during people's sixties, seventies or eighties and continue the remainder of their lives are big business. 

But how much money is in PREVENTION? 

I don't know.  My guess is that the amount which could be earned by preventing Alzheimer's and all dementia would be less than 1% of the money that is being made by treating it, searching for a cure for it and caring for people who have it.  Plus, the growth potential of Alzheimer's as a business is off the charts. 

Like every other degenerative disease found in humans, Alzheimer's and all other dementias are caused.  As I hope this series is demonstrating, most of these causes are rather obvious and easy to find.  If the entire populace learned to avoid these causes, those profiting from the disease would take a huge financial hit.    

Remember, animals in the wild have no dementia.  If we as humans are doing things the animals don't do, things that cause our brains to deteriorate, these causes can be avoided, right?

Here's the takeaway.  Don't let the so-called experts and the oh-so-concerned associations distract you into neglecting the causes of dementia and waiting for a “cure” that may never come.  Instead, learn the causes and avoid them.  Through this, prevent dementia. 

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