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Healthy Kids . . . It's what you DON'T do that matters

Written By Dr. Erwin Gemmer on February 14, 2019

Children are in serious danger.

An American child today is 20,000 times as likely to have Autism as one 75 years ago. Elementary schools have lines of kids getting dosed every day with Ritalin, Adderall and Prozac. One out of six kids are chronically sick with asthma or allergies. Huge numbers of children have diabetes. Heart disease is now the number 5 cause of death in 5 to 14 year olds with millions in this age group already on their way to serious heart disease Cancer is the number TWO cause of death in this age group, following only accidental injury. Suicide is now the number three cause of death in teenagers, no doubt related to the massive drugging with antidepressants. Millions of children are terribly overweight.

Do I need to go on? 

NONE of this is accidental.

How are our children getting poisoned?

Babies and children today are being poisoned through vaccinations, psych drugs and junk “food” that is made to look and taste a bit like real food. Parents are taking their infants and toddlers for “well care” doctor visits. Unfortunately, these “well baby” visits are making these children sick, often permanently. The degraded foods cause the kids to be overfed and grossly undernourished.

The children are in serious danger. All of this is happening right in front of us. Sadly, it is primarily being done for PROFIT. If you don't look at the situation for what it is, it will never make sense.

It's All About Profit Margin For Corporations

We have HUGE corporations, whole INDUSTRIES, whose sole purpose is to make money from selling food-like stuff. It's not necessarily true that these industries want to make kids sick and fat and diseased. It is just that when the ONLY thing that matters is how profitable a company is, if the CEO doesn't sell more products and get more kids addicted than the last guy, he will be replaced.

This mentality explains why a twelve ounce can of cola is either a batch of flavorful chemicals OR eight teaspoons of sugar and a batch of flavorful chemicals. It explains why a large blended coffee drink from the most well- known coffee company contains one-sixth of a pound of sugar . . . in ONE drink!

It explains why commercial strawberry ice cream contains 50 chemicals to give one the illusion of eating something containing strawberries. And it explains why doughnuts and pizza are sold, even though they are terribly unhealthy for our kids (well, anyone for that matter). It even explains things like Skittles and Fruit Loops, which are nothing but chemicals, dyes and sugar. Part of a nutritious breakfast? Which part??

We have other HUGE corporations, entire INDUSTRIES, which will stop at nothing to get a poison-ladened vaccination on the mandated schedule or to get another million school kids on a mind-dulling psychiatric drug. They bribe member of Congress, falsify drug trials, attempt to eliminate natural health care, involve the media and do whatever else it takes to put more doses of drugs into more kids more often for more years. For more PROFIT.

There are other players. The federal government appears sometimes to have its own agenda. Also, the advertising firms that make hundreds of millions from pitching all these dangerous, high-profit concoctions. Even the legal and the prisons-for-profit industries know that more delinquency and worse education makes for more clients and inmates.

As Autism has been CAUSED to rise from obscurity to commonplace, it has also become yet another industry. And childhood cancer, another industry that didn't exist 40 years ago.

While I hate to say it, it is also true that medical facilities can make a thousand times more money “curing” cancer, managing diabetes, treating heart disease and replacing hip joints than they can ever earn teaching prevention.

Parents must understand that they will receive little if any help raising a healthy child from most of the groups that should be helping. These professions, agencies, corporations and industries are all making HUGE profits, and the more damage and diseases they cause when children are young, the more they have lifetime “customers” on top of more opportunities for still greater profits in the future. They put on a sad face and appear to care about your child. But do they really? Making money seems to trump any genuine concerns.

There are honest, good individuals in these “bad” groups who do want to help. Unfortunately these folks are either crushed if they try to help or are misled and deceived to a point where they actually believe bad things are good.

In our offices, we expose the culprits for what they are. We will help you learn how we got into such a mess. Most important, we will enable you to make better, safer, smarter choices for your children. You will learn that your best and perhaps only defense is a well-educated YOU.

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